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Cool Extras

Magazine Covers:
-real headline topics for the applicable sport.

Magazine Covers are an 8x10 print featuring your photo with a personalized headline. Lensdude also scours the latest news headlines to place the most up-to-date information on your Print making it completely unique.



Photo Magnets:
-Photo Magnets available in sizes of 4x5 and 5x8 featuring your chosen action photo. Also in 2.5x4 for your team's photo packages.



Digital Image Files:




All photos are edited and optimized JPEG image files intended for displays ranging in size from smart phones to wall-size plasma screens. The images are not watermarked but do include the Lensdude copyright notice (except Full Resolution).

Action Packs -entire game on CD

Dance Packs -Solo, Duet and Group Performance on CD

Cool Apps -Choose up to 30 photos for your own App

Full Resolution -Optimized and edited to produce great prints up to 18x12

What can I use it for?
Featured on a Personal, School, Team, or Family website.
Emailing to family and friends.
Uploading to Facebook or another site to show off.

What can I NOT use it for?
Use on a commercial website (recruiting, newspaper, magazine, newsletter, etc.)

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